Our History

Founded in 2007, IEL is a family owned company with over 30 years of logistics experience. Integrity’s overall mission is to live up to the expectations of our company name, by earning our customers trust through innovative technology and operational efficiency to better customize logistics services. We focus on customer relations above anything else as well as hiring the best well rounded employees. Together this formula has carried Integrity to where we are today.

Our Values

In today’s competitive world, IEL leadership believes it is necessary to preserve moral practices in order to stay on top. IEL has five core values in which we live and operate under. We take these values very seriously, and they are a part of everything we do.


  • 70%


70 percent of all manufactured and retail goods transported within the US on an annual basis are via truck.
  • 92%


92 percent of the nation’s prepared foods, including dairy products, fruit, and vegetables are shipped by truck.
  • 83%


83 percent of the revenue produced by the transportation industry is from the trucking sector.
  • 75%


75 percent of our office has Jimmy Johns delivered once a week.

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